New year’s eve party


Reserve your seats (by phone) for the New Year’s Eve dinner party as soon as possible!

Gastronomic meal
A glass of champagne at the stroke of midnight
Trio André Varin live show
75$ per person (plus tax and service)

Reservations : (819) 205-4999 ext 1

A new partnership!

Distribution partnership between Gatineau’s les Brasseurs du Temps and les Brasseurs du Nord for Québec



At their fifth year in existence, les Brasseurs du Temps added a spring in their step by associating themselves with les Brasseurs du Nord (Boréale) for the distribution of their products. Four beers will be distributed all over Québec, in packs of four bottles and one mix pack, starting in november: Bouillon de la Chaudière (Weizen, 5,5%), Carpe Diem (belgian IPA, 6,5%), DumDuminator (Doppelweizenbock, 8%) and Diable au Corps (Imperial IPA, 10%).

5th Anniversary Celebrations


As you all know, we have begun our operations in May 2009, and so in a few days, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary. We will celebrate during the 5 first days of the 5th month of our 5th anniversary. Cool concept huh? For the occasion, we will change our beer menu, as we do often, but this time there’s bonus: For those 5 days, we will have a second “horloge” ! 24 unique and different beers to taste, plus two cask beers. That’s a total of 26 completely different beers on tap! Amazing! Here’s the list.

Regular Horloge :

1)Et La Lumière Fût
2)Blanche de Koralie
3)Bouillon de la Chaudière
6)Nuit de Temps
8)Carpe Diem
9)Au Pied du Courant
10)5 – Doppelbock for the 5th anniversary. Also for sale 2 x 5$ in its own commemorative glass
11)Saison Haute
12)Trois Portages

Discovery Horloge

14)Mille Neuf Cendre
15)Ma Gâterie
16)Kaputt Mauer
17)Grande Rivière
18)Scie Trouillarde
19)DumDuminator aged 10 months in a Pinot Noir cask
20)Corne et La Muse aged 1 year in a Bourbon Buffalo Trace cask
21)Mea Magna Culpa aged 3 months in a Brandy cask (2009 batch)
22)Obscur Désir aged 3 months in a Brandy cask (2009 batch)
23)Belle Empoisonneuse 2012 (first batch)
24)Tennessee Tropicale

Cask Beers

25) Rye Are We Here monohoulon Chinook
26) Diable au Corps hopped Amarillo & Columbus

Lunchtime Deals


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Poutine Week


Will the BDT steak poutine win the Poutine Week contest? Come and see for yourself from the 1st to the 7th of February.

1) Click on
2) Choose Ottawa-Gatineau
3) Find the BDT on the map

Bières et Plaisirs – Winter 2014


Bières et Plaisirs and Les Brasseurs du Temps invite you to the first ever Bières et Plaisirs d’Hiver on february 1st and 2nd 2014 le 1er et 2 février 2014. This is a free event that offers educational and family activities as well as (paid) conferences. Beer is king here, and we will be able to offer you some of the best specimens in all Québec.

Treasure hunt: Where is DumDum? A family activity
Who is DumDum? Our cheerful master brewer, that’s who. The goal of the game is finding DumDum but be careful.. there will be a few traps..

SuperBowl Live
Come watch the SuperBowl on our giant screen from 6pm.

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11:30 - 11:00

11:30 - 11:00

11:30 - 11:00

11:30 - 00:00

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11:30 - 01:00

11:30 - 01:00

Les Brasseurs du Temps craft beers with a creative flair and an eye out for exotic aromas and enchanting mouthfeel.

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